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Winning the French was a big deal for Nadal last year (setting the record and becoming the clay GOAT), and I don't think he has anything left to prove. I think he's burned out, and won't be able to get the mojo back to dominate like he used to. Besides, his rivals (Djokovic and Murray, primarily) have gotten better, Federer is still hanging around, and there will be additional champs (Tsonga and Berdych, anyone?)
well, so much for this. I think Fed, Djokovic & Murray could all take 6 months off & contend right away. partly because they're that good & there simply is no depth in the mens game(I think you can give up on 'additional champs' Tsonga & Berdych at this point, short of injuries to 3 of the big 4 happening at the same time in a major)

The next group of great players haven't turned pro yet. My money's on no one outside the big 4 winning a major this year. Again. Sigh.
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