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Default What is "new" in string since the mid 90's?

I am coming off a long hiatus in playing tennis. Say since well the mid-90's! I played competitively at a high level as a junior. My parents managed some public courts and we did stringing at the shop. Back then what we had was pretty simple-synthetic gut, problend or nylon. I don't think we sold natural gut but I know for a long time natural gut was what in to my rackets. I hit hard and with a ton of spin and broke strings often. I think we eventually started putting synthetic in my racket because of the cost. The last string I remember using was Wilson Synthetic 17 gauge. Fast forward it's 2011 now! I have come back to tennis playing very lightly at first. Then more and now I am really getting into and am playing NTRP tournaments. I found a great stringer and gave him a set that I bought from TW- Volkl Synthetic Gut 17 String. This stuff feels awesome-like a million bucks. Since I am not breaking strings at all now I don't care about durability. That might change if I up my playing hours and intensity. Some other stuff I had was Wilson/Enduro Tour or something like that. I work at tennis program and have a large supply of sets of this I can use for free. I have looked through the string finder on TW and through Wilson and am pretty lost on all the choices. The stuff I bought from TW was about $5.00/set. I see other strings that are not natural gut but are very pricey like $20/set. So what's "new" in string in the last 15 or so years?
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