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Originally Posted by eastbayliz View Post
I am coming off a long hiatus in playing tennis. Say since well the mid-90's! I played competitively at a high level as a junior. My parents managed some public courts and we did stringing at the shop. Back then what we had was pretty simple-synthetic gut, problend or nylon. I don't think we sold natural gut but I know for a long time natural gut was what in to my rackets.

So what's "new" in string in the last 15 or so years?
Poly & multis have really taken off. While most syn gut was very similar to each other, polys & multis are available with a wide range of characteristics and there are loads of them on the market. Poly IMO has better control & spin than syn gut, but worse feel & comfort. The other thing is hybrid stringing, using different mains/crosses and sometimes with different tensions - there are countless hybrid combinations.

Back then it was simple, I used OGSM or OGSM JC, kevlar in my string eater racket, and I was done. Since getting back into tennis in 2010 I've been trying various polys & hybrids for the past 2 years & really enjoying it

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