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Originally Posted by 3fees View Post
^ Warm up for at least 45 minutes before your matches, take 30 minute-45 minute break before match time, stay loose.
^ Shorten up the Tennis Court aim 2 to 3 feet good from the lines
^ Ya only need to return the ball good one time better than opp to get the point
^ Dont double fault on serves, you'd be surprised how many players mishit slower 2nd serves( if they cant use your power-they are lost without a clue.)
^ Dont get upset if ya make a mistake, get over it, next point is too win.

This was a remarkably valuable post--I played in a USTA tourney (M45s) for the first time in many years and these tips were very helpful. I beat a 4.5 guy in the first round pretty easily, then lost the second match 4-6 in the third to a guy ranked 6 or 8th in the section. Could have gone either way--he was more willing to go for shots (and he made enough of them) as the third set wore on, which was the difference. Here are a couple of take-ways for me:
>>It's a long day. I got to the facility at 8 for my 9 start time (first match); won, then had 3 hours to kill before my next match. I watched some tv, chatted and watched other matches, but all that down time left me really flat and I got rolled in the first set of the second match. I made a good comeback, but lost, and the match went for over two hours, finishing at 3.30. (Curiously, had I won, I would have had to play the #1 seed 90 minutes later and would have not have been able to muster much fight. Is it usual to have to play three matches in a day?)
>>Even with ample training, the guys who do well do so because they play a lot of competitive sets. Being able to drill at a high level (that's me) doesn't translate into being able to win a match. I think we all know this, I suppose.
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