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And there we are.

Have a friend currently at Saddlebrook's in Florida hitting 4 hrs a day using an APD with full poly @ 58, probably dead for the most part. His arm is now shot to pieces – tennis elbow– and he has to rest all the time.

Not thinking in that context I decided to hit with exactly the same set up – but fresh poly – on Saturday. Hit for 30 mins. Arm felt a little tired afterwards but occasionally I get that - who doesn't – and didn't think much of it. Then I hit again for an hour yesterday with same set up and I could just feel it coming, my forearm was just getting worse with every shot, like it was being bitten by an animal instead of hitting a ball. After about 15 shots I called time and changed racquets.

I don't blame the racquet in and by itself, it's not Balbolat's fault at all. It's mine for not being smarter about the string choice, etc, and not heeding warnings.

Now though I have the fear about stiff racquets and poly more generally. If the flex rating of an APD is 70, and a G-Speed pro is 68, how much easier on my arm is the latter really going to be? Surely not very? Similarly, the new Instinct has a flex rating of 70. Felling worried about that as well.

In other news, have really enjoyed hitting with a heavily leaded but very rare racquet: 2012/13 ProKennex Black Ace 98.

Stiffness rating 63. Definitely feels noticeably softer than the racquets I'm used to, tonnes of control and a nice size sweetspot. Spin is slightly lacking, but I think I can improve that with strings and a bit of leading polarisation. well worth a look if you can get your hands on one.
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