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Originally Posted by Swan Song View Post
I switched to the VCore Tour 97 (330) in July 2012 from the Ti-80 and have not looked back ever since. Compared to the Ti-80 in stock form, it is a lot stiffer and heavier so it did not allow me to customize to my desired specifications. However, after adjusting to a different specification that I liked, the racquet immediately clicked in. The 16X20 pattern provides a more consistent stringbed that compliments the Isometric headshape and the 3D Vector shaft, which rounds out the outer part of the throat makes the racquet feel thinner than the Ti-80, which is a huge plus. At first, I did not expect myself to switch to this racquet when it first came out because it was stiffer than the Ti-80, but I think the Yonex engineers adjusted the layup very nicely to provide a firm playing frame that absorbs harmful shock and provides a clean feel.
Swan Song, could you say a little bit more about the Vcore Tour 97 vs. the Ti-80? When you say you were a little leary of the 97 at first because it's stiffer, were you, at that point only looking at the stiffness measurement? Now, having played them both for a while, how would you compare them in terms of comfort? I believe the Ti-80 had the classic Yonex firm head/flexible shaft design. How would you characterize the flex of the 97?

And how about power, does the 97 give you any extra pop?
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