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Default vcore 97

Hi - i am a 4.5-5.0 level here in the atlanta area. play aa-4 in alta (switch between lines 1 and 2), so semi-competitive. I used to play with a radical mp for a long long time starting with the radical twin tube, etc. Then I demo'd and bought a ton of different rackets (prestige, pure drive, radical, dunlop, extreme, vcore, etc.) I initially liked the vcore 97 because it was stable and very control oriented but after 1-1.5 hour of solid hitting, my arm got tired and lost a little bit of control and stability. I just recently switched to the vcore xi 98 and I think it is the best racket out there. The sweet spot feels bigger, it is lighter, more forgiving and powerful.

Going out on a limb here. Most players do not and should not play with the prestige pro's, vcore 97's etc especially if you do not have well developed strokes and fitness level of the competitive college players or pro's. A racket of that nature will only make you frustrated. A more forgiving racket with a larger head and more powerful is my way to go..
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