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So based on the above, here is Flink's list:

1. Federer
2. Sampras
3. Laver
4. Kramer
5. Tilden
6. Borg
7. Nadal
8. Budge
9. Gonzales
10. Connors-Agassi

Not a terrible list at all, but it does include a few oddities IMO, such as the high placement of Kramer and much lower placement of Gonzales.

I wonder how he derived such a high placement of Kramer given that he did not start "following tennis" until long after Kramer had retired as a player--maybe he read and researched just like the rest of us.? (According to Flink's website [] he started "following" tennis in 1965: "Steve Flink has been following the game since 1965, the year he first went to Wimbledon and the U.S. Championships.")

These are simply my opinions, and I am not saying that Flink "knows nothing" about tennis history.
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