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Default I guess it made sense at the time....

Originally Posted by BeHappy View Post
Well to stop Sampras winning Wimbledon first introduced larger tennis balls to slow them down with air resistance.

That didn't work so they started taking the lids off the cans of tennis balls 2 weeks before Wimbledon so they'd be flat and it would be harder to hit aces.

That didn't work either, so they introduced the slower grass after the 2001 final. Unfortunately for tennis, this worked. Sampras was knocked out in the 2nd round by Georg Bastl, along with Federer and all the other serve and volleyers.

The same is arguably true with Nadal at the French Open. The French put thinner and thinner layers of clay on the courts year after year so it became more and more of a hard court. Then they introduced the lightning fast tennis ball in 2011.
I remember the Sampras issue - didn't realize they did the same thing with Nadal. So I think when players play at a level where organizers have to get involved they need to move up the list of all time great.
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