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Originally Posted by marosmith View Post
This is just my opinion but assuming money doesn't matter there are two string options, poly and natural gut. Everything else (multis, syn gut etc....) is pointless.

Gut is the best for power, feel, pocketing tension maintenance.

Poly is the best for spin and some would say "control".

My rule of thumb is if you are anything but a very heavy spin player than nothing compares to gut/ poly hybrid with gut in the mains. For the poly I like smooth/slippery co-polys.

Really once you try these I highly doubt you will go back to multi or syn gut- AGAIN, this is unless cost is a big issue for you. If it is, don't try this setup because I don't honestly see you going back once you give this a try.
At this point cost is a big part of the equation. I saw one pack of NXT (I think) at Sports Authority (weak, weak weak selection there) and it was $20.

As far as synthetic gut (17 guage) available in reels what do people think is the highest quality-both budget and cost as no object? My Dad (my old stringer and the guy who taught me tennis) says he wants to buy a reel for me. Way to go Dad-hopefully we will playing father-daughter doubs this year.
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