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Default Being self taught is impressive

Originally Posted by TennisDawg View Post
All this discussion is very interesting about Gonzales being the GOAT. Like all these debates it's impossible to clearly name the GOAT. One big factor that is overlooked when Laver is hailed as the all time greatest is the 10 year age difference when Gonzales played Laver. Gonzales was the ripe old tennis age of 36 when the great rivalry began and he competed very well against Laver until age 42. Gonzales was born 10 years too early that's all.
Had Gonzales been the same age we wouldn't even be having these debates of Laver vs Gonzales. Gonzales would have clearly domianted, and in spite of rule changing, too!
Gonzales was much bigger, stronger and athletic than the other players. Gonzales is one of the players from the by-gone era that would have dominated in todays tennis, same way Sampras with the serve/volley game did.
I am quite impressed that a person who is self taught and shunned by the tennis community as a junior could reach the heights he reached. Can only attribute that to talent and as someone mentioned mentally strong.
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