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Default medial epicondylits

I was using some time ago an Aerprodrive combined with a copoly- very bad for the arm I know. When hitting a backhand slice or topspin or mishitting a serve, I could sometimes get a sharp pain in the tip of my elbow due to the vibration caused by the mishit. I think it could be medial epicondylitis.

Also, I am trying to determine if sometimes I am over extending my arm when using lighter rackets and this could also contibute to the pain. I say this because in recent days I used a lighter racket (10.6 racket strung) and experienced this sensation (not so sharp pain)a couple of times when hitting the backhand.

So, what type of racket, string pattern, racket weight and string is best for alleviating this condition?

I hit with alot of topspin and use a western grip on my forehand. I use a one handed backhand and play usually a baseline game. Thanks.
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