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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
^ Am comparing it strung at 52lbs CP with the same string, same racquet previously strung at 53lbs CP. This 2nd string job isn't providing the same consistency over the string's playing life. Just seems a bit overpowered and I'm having to reduce my racquet speed or change my racquet path. The only difference is the tension and the main tied off on a different hole. I just don't get it - 1lb will make a slight difference but surely not as much as I'm seeing. If I was going to try another full bed of this, I'd definitely be trying the 'slow pulls' suggestion by Julian and going back to 53lbs CP for this stick. All this testing is getting expensive as I've burned through 4 sets now and this string isn't cheap. If it wasn't for the fact that the 1st set of this string in the Juice Pro played beautifully for a time, I would have junked this test ages ago....

Next up will be Red ZX 1.27 / Genesis Black Magic 17 at 53/52lbs CP. Should be interesting to see if those poly crosses help that ZX slide and snap back more easily. Will be doing slow pulls on both. Machine goes down to 30% pull speed, but will use 50%.

The remaining half sets will then be used in reverse after that ie poly mains / ZX crosses. Not entirely convinced by that combination, primarily because Black Magic 17 tends to go dead after about 5 hours of hitting, and I doubt that any cross will save it.
So you'll be trying ZX/poly both ways. Great.
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