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Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
I suppose this has been asked, but today March 18th, how do you rank the Steam with the APD 2013? I got harsh vibartions on my elbow that hurt pretty much with the APD. Could I experience them with the 99S if I string with 4g at 47? Also, I dont string myself, so could this racket and string tension loss and constant stringing get real expensive?

I could stick with the APD with a soft setup (which I dont like alot) or go for a arm friendly racket like the Pro Kennex Q5 295. So, why should I get the Steam if its so "problematic" in terms of severe tension loss in strings?

And , like Ive said a million times, I cant demo.
No problem. I will tell you that a guy I string for came from the APD to the 99S. He continually complained about his arm hurting with the APD, yet he insisted on full poly. Since moving to the 99S, he says his arm no longer hurts and now he complains about the constant stringing.

I am working with him to find a solution. We're going to back down his tension (from 5 and see if we can't get him more durability than 4 sets. I think we can.

I own the 99S and quite frankly, I love it. I don't seem to notice the "drastic" drop in tension others refer to. Hopefully, I'll break strings in 4 - 6 hours which is probably about right for a fully poly stringbed.

Hope this helps.
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