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Originally Posted by jrs View Post
Thanks everyone for the information. This whole era was much different than what I imagined. I guess the networks made sound pretty much the same as today. Number grandslams - major winners - but it was completely different.
Will they listen if we tell them how complicated it really was, that only amateurs could play in the mainstream majors before April 1968, that Laver wasn't the best player in the world in his 1962 Grand Slam year etc.? Mind you, Jack Kramer, the main promoter of professional tennis from 1951 or so until 1961, made a mistake in not encouraging professional tennis to go on TV a lot more, instead fearing that TV coverage would hurt ticket sales and that the bad publicity from the ILTF would hurt the professional game (they were doing that, anyway). The correct approach would have been to get maximum exposure of professional tennis.

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