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Originally Posted by Mateo View Post
Hey Anton, I hope so because I am pretty pumped up for Gpro.
As for prince 18x20, I barely found one because in my town prince is not such represented brand for small shops, I managed to find one and I was not crazy about feel, and power, control was there and power level was little or like prestige. If you are 100% on the shot the prince preformed great like prestige, but if I played in sunny summer day against good player I had problem, like balls landing short or couldn’t get power on demand so I could turn game from defense to offence. Than I have started to mix up with tension, lead at 12 and strings, and one day on serve racquet flew out of my hand and that was an end with 18x20. It snapped like toothpick.
I expect from Gpro to be low powered with control but with larger sweet spot and with some help on defense shots or to be at least powerful enough to work for me when I am running from left to right.
Radical has good power from my point of view, and guys on tw say that it is low powered so…
My exo is about 350g with lead, so heft from Gpro would be even better if stability is like you and everybody says it is. I have to string exo like 57 lbs to restrain the ball launch.
As I said spin is great, but when I have to pull the trigger like flat forehand down the line, the ball just launch without any control.
Sorry for novel that I wrote, but I am Pumped up, and I think that this week Gpro will be in my prince bag.
I was watching your video on youtube, and I could say that we are on same tennis level, so your advice is very much appreciated.
And yes I am 30y old, so prestige and my pro tours 630 from junior days are on the shelf…resting as I am after two sets un summer
I played with weighted up Tour 18x20 for a while. GPro definitely has some more pop and just feels like a more solid stick all around. It also doesn't play as soft so for people looking for more comfort Tour would be better - for me that's not a concern.

I ended up switching from Tour 18x20 because it was bad on defensive play and volleys. Also, those rackets were so soft they started deforming too. GPro has none of those downsides, while giving me versatile play and control I liked about Tour.
Pure Control Tour: leather+og, 5g lead up top, 16L poly @ 52lbs = 12.68oz

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