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Originally Posted by TroutSc View Post
cool. I made a semi-blind purchase on one this morning. semi-blind because I demo'd the xv1 awhile back, but have demo'd probably a dozen and purchased a few since then. Figured the only way i can stop demoing and switching every week is to just buy one and stick with it. So this morning as I was dropping off my psgt demo, I saw the v1 on the wall and said, what the heck, string it up, im going cold-turkey - Im done with demos and seeking. Its a basic, comfy stick, Ill make it work. Practice match tonight, im briging only the v1 with me. my goal is to go 6 months without swinging another racquet
Good luck and I really like it. I'm not a tinkerer, so I haven't added any weight to it, and find it plays fine for my level. 3.5/4.0
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