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Red ZX 1.27 / Black Magic 1.23 (53/52CP)

I really don't know why I strung it like this. Must have had a brain fade. Stiffness of Black Magic is 260 or thereabouts, ZX about 150 or thereabouts....I can't feel the ZX in the stringbed at all. It's dominated by the poly. Feels like a board with not much forgiveness. Played with it a couple of hours after stringing and it was not nice. Boardy, not much spin, unforgiving, tiny sweetspot etc. Feels like a dead, stiff poly stringbed. Needs a bigger tension differential between the strings next time. Lets hope it improves after 24 hours as the poly loses tension.

I also broke the end again tying off the knot (see knot on right of picture). Very difficult to produce a small knot. Seems like you have to leave the knots fairly big and not overtighten them (see knot on left of picture).
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