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Originally Posted by JPW View Post
I've been pretty excited to get an iPhone 5, first, because I just had bad luck with AT&T, and second, to get this app I've done these calculations with a digital camera many times. This app certainly makes it much MUCH easier.

One question I do have for the developer is, would recording someone serving on TV be a good way to test the accuracy of this app? It seems like the timing would be the same and you could easily determine the other needed data. This just seems like a good way to check against an actual speed gun at a tennis tourney.
Recording the tv might work, i actually havent tested it, though it will be less accurate because tv's in general are 30 fps. If the input is 30 fps which you will record with 60 fps i suspect you will loose some accuracy.

I did test the app very well with real videos from the australian open in which the speedgun shows the speed. I did posts these results in this thread.
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