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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
De Bruyne has been doing very well in Germany, hopefully he can come back and replace Marin in the squad next year. Goalkeeper (Courtois), defence (Ake, Chalobah, Kane) and attacking/wide midfield is taken care of for the future. I'd like to get Shaw (who is a Chelsea fan) to be Cole's long term replacement, a striker, and of course a couple of midfielders are needed as there aren't really any coming through.
Marin is still at Chelsea? I know it's his first season and all, but he's made like 2 appearances.

Hazard's 17 year old brother is already at the club, although I don't think a whole lot is really expected of him. I don't think anyone knows if the 10 year old is going to be good enough yet i've said before that I think Hazard will probably only be here for 2-3 years before moving to Spain (possible a Ronaldo replacement for Madrid?).
There's 4 Hazards, Thorgan is with Chelsea as well but out on loan, he's 19 though. There's one who is 17 and is at Lille and the youngest is somewhere in Belgium. I hope they'll all be at Chelsea soon enough and stay for a while, but if Eden is off to Madrid and brings his brothers with him, we need to milk Madrid for all we can. If they're willing to drop 80 on Ronaldo when he's 25, a 23 year old Hazard should fetch a similar fee. 70 million will do.
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