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Originally Posted by ArliHawk View Post
The only thing that took me a little while to get used to was the Volkl grip shape after using the Babolat. Think I'm finally used to it after a couple of months. It's just so comfortable for a tweener racquet.
I've played a lot with a volkl pb7, so grip shape felt right for me. The bio sensor handle does feel more cushioned and maybe a hair smaller than the previous, I like it. I think it won't take long to get in tune with it. I didn't get a chance to really rally and have fun with it, just jumped right into a practice match. I tried a little too hard with it I think as I sent a few more long than normal, of course I have it strung a little softer than normal too. Serves felt really good with it. I've been using a pb7, a steam99s, and a pure storm over the last week so perhaps some inconsistently is to be expected. I've been through so many demos, bought, sold etc so much over the last few months, glad to finally just have 1 to stick with. Now the journey for the perfect string combo starts...
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