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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Yeah, that poly will hopefully lose some tension over the next couple of days. I do wonder though whether something like Black Widow would have been more complementary. At least the stiffness differential would not have been as marked as with Black Magic.
Yeah, it should relax a little with a little time, and just after that it'll die.

But seriously, I think having the Black Magic in the mains will have a softer feel. Babolat has maintained that the crosses provide the power and the mains the spin. Of course, they are talking about spin shots only, where the mains are sliding and snapping back, so their energy goes into spin production, while the crosses are deflecting in the normal direction and producing ball speed. So stiff poly crosses are kind of getting out of the way of the collision with all their sideways movement shenanigans, while the crosses bear the head-on brunt of the impact. And 20 lonely ZX crosses should flex with that impact nicely. God, I'm full of it.

But with ZX in the mains it will be very interesting to see if they notch up, or whether Zyex's super-high melting point will preserve 'em.

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