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Originally Posted by dadozen View Post
VS, I have never played with the clear CAP grommets until this past weekend. The reason I did that was because I got new frames and I was trying new lead tape configurations before replacing the clear grommets with the black ones and installing the lead tape under the CAP grommets.

I tested some lead tape setups, found one that satisfied me and then went on installing the black grommets.

To my surprise, the racquet with the same setup used before( lead tape, string, tension - the only difference was the CAP grommets that were also weighed before being istalled, to make sure that both the old clear and the new black ones had the same weight ) felt more sluggish and much more muted.

Have you played with the clear grommets and, if so, have you felt this same difference?

Although I much prefer the black grommets, I'm willing to return to the clear ones to get that nice pocketing ball feeling I had.
I have not noticed a difference. What I did was use the clear until they wore out or shattered. When I did put the black CAP Grommets in I did not notice my frames feeling sluggish. I'm now 100% switched over to black CAP Grommets.
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