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Originally Posted by corners View Post
If you read this thread I think you'll see that ZX seems to be as durable as a copoly, so unless you're a string breaker you won't break it. As far as cutting out, opinions are mixed. If you read through the RSI playtests - encouraged - you'll find that people say it doesn't lose much tension, or at least that they can't tell if it's lost tension, which may as well be the same thing I suppose. On the other hand, Torres, who in this thread is singlehandedly introducing the world to the subtleties of Monogut ZX, has noticed a dropoff in spin potential after 6-10 hours of play. Most polys die by then anyway, so maybe that's not so bad.

Bottom line, in my opinion, is that ZX is a new and unique string, with the softness of the softest multis and the spin of a copoly, when fresh. I think it's definitely worth a try, and better than blowing more money trying Heptazest or Twisted Angst, or whatever "new" repackaged gimick poly they are pimping this week. But read the RSI playtests. Decide for yourself. When the weather turns here in Siberia I know I will be dropping some cash on four sets to playtest in various configurations. And if someone convinces you to try a copoly/multi combo instead, do yourself a favor and sub ZX for the multi cross.
Yes. As I said I will use it full bed. But I could later try Poly Plasma or Scorpion with Zyex crosses or viceversa

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