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Originally Posted by Hankenstein View Post
Can confirm this! The Head Synt leather is extremely underrated grip!! Very strange there is not so much buzz about it. Almost same great feel as leather grip but a tad more comfortable and vibration dampening. Just perfect for me atleast
I would have to agree! I think the stock grips on Graphene Speed Pro's are the same as the ones on IG Rad Pro's. Not Hydrosorb Pro as listed... I bought a pack of Hydrosorb Pro and the grip feels closer to a Babolat Syntec, soft and squishy.

Anyway, the Head Synthetic Leather feels like a slightly softer and lighter version of a leather grip! There is some give but no where close to a standard synthetic grip. It's really a great grip! I did some google searches and found that the grips are for sale on Europe/Australia know of any places in the states where one could buy some?
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