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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
You fail to mention the reason this shot is so easy for ****(and anyone else for that matter)to attack is because Nadal is dropping the ball too short. Look at where **** is standing in those pics to hit that shot. If Nadal would actually get some depth for once it wouldn't so easy for **** to step in the way he does.
It is actually the reason only players with elite backhands/movement can attack him consistently, your choices are either to step in and take risk by taking the ball on the rise like Davydenko/Djokovic/Nalbandian do -- or wait behind the baseline and concede court position either through attempting to run around it or hit a high backhand which pretty much puts you behind in the point once the nadal gets it back.

If he consistently hit deeper with the same trajectory the ball would kick up right into most players' sweet spots.
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