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Originally Posted by PED View Post
Anyone with thoughts on Rio and his on again/off again romance with Int'l football?

Is Jack Wilshire the new Michael Owen, always injured? Having said that,we've won two difficult games without him so maybe it's not a bad thing.
Just seems like the type of shambolic gaffe-prone behaviour that seems to happen with England rather a lot.

Rio obviously favours prolonging Man U career and keeping Fergie sweet. Hodgson/England royally messed up re announcing him before proper consultation with player himself had occurred.

My abiding thought is actually not to do with merits of RF's call-up etc, but rather, the depressing general thought that there seems to be little new young talent emerging under Hodgson really. I'm not saying the PL is awash with youthful English players of dazzling brilliance, but Lampard, Rooney, Defoe, Parker, Cole, Ferdinand, whoever; these players he's opted for up until now - I don't know...

Re Wilshire, let's prey he doesn't turn into the new Michael Owen. Such a class quality player. And he's young too.
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