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Originally Posted by doctor dennis View Post
Well I think they both lasted up to 8 hours I think. I didn't find a whole bunch of difference between them. I can't remember which I used in a singles match and which I used in doubles though.
Performance wise the Xcite had slightly more spin and pop but not much more. Comfort wise it was focus hex definitely but neither bother my arm. Focus hex felt softer but not mushy.
For me Xcite is the better string but when you look at what you pay for both I can't justify the price increase. Focus hex is a good cheap poly that feels premium to me. Xcite is worth the price but not in comparison to focus hex. I'd say that focus hex held tension longer from what I remember. I didn't have to move the strings back as much.
Sorry I can't provide more detail on them. I cant remeber what i did yesterday. Lol. I'm using 4G now then it'll be back to my reel of focus hex.
The 4g is nice. I cant really say too much as I've only put 2 hours in. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts and how long its playable.

Thanks DD.

Despite opting for the Blade when I was checking both out a while back, I can't quite rule out the 99s (swings very sweetly for me, serves superbly, all court/solidness/feel-wise it pretty much ticks these boxes too). I did have issue with ball sitting up a bit for opponent. Plus, let's call it some general groundstroke erraticness - but I think this could maybe be sorted with more use. However, I was dismayed by the tension loss with TB (I'm accustomed to this string holding tension pretty well), and the general strings aggravation. If it wasn't for the already bountiful amount of TT threads on the subject I'd create my own... "Steam 99s and The Mythical Quest To Find The Golden Strings!"

Anyhow, interesting to hear a bit re Hex (which I actually have some sets of) and Xcite.
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