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Originally Posted by InsideOut View Post

I just buy strings when I'm in US, which has been 3 years ago. I usually play with the Prince SynGut 16 with Duraflex, but it seems the price has been increased, and I don't find the string good value anymore, so I'm considering other options.

I play with a Dunlop Aerogel 5Hundred, and like the feel and consistency of the Prince string for the first 30 minutes, then it looses a little and strings starts to move a lot, and after 90-120 minutes it usually breaks (on red clay). The last 15 minutes it is not very consistent.

My shots are very flat, so I'm not looking for any spin oriented string.

I'll need to order in the next few days, so I'm hoping to get a little input from others.

I'm considering going multifilament with the Mantis Comfort (only $7 more than Prince), or synthetic with the Forten Sweet 16 (for value).

I have previously tried the Wilson Stamina and did not like. I also tried the Gosen OG sheep Micro 16, and found it very similar to the Prince, but it just feels a little dead.
If you are going to keep using syn gut, take a look at Gamma Synthetic Gut with Wearguard. I've found it to play similarly to PSGD and maintain tension as well or better...

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