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Originally Posted by mattennis View Post
I know this is what sponsors want (top-players in final rounds of all tournaments) but seriously....that Djokovic-Tsonga SF match sucked big time.

Heck, I love Djokovic consistency and unhuman defence, he is just a machine from the baseline. But these slow hard courts everywhere makes the Tour so predictable.

How can anybody hit through Djokovic's defence on these slow hard courts? It is almost impossible.

In previous decades there were slow hard courts in the first months of the year (as well as very fast indoor carpet too in February), but there were also fast hard courts during the summer and fast indoor carpet in Autumm.

It was so much unpredictable, because on faster hard courts casualties are much more common. You had the typical "big hitter" against "great defender" and in a fast hard court it depended so much on "the good day" the big hitter had that day.

Today, on these so slow hard courts everywhere, given Federer's decline and possibly Nadal declining too, who the heck is going to defeat Djokovic on slow hard courts?

It is very possible that we will see many Djokovic-Murray finals on hard courts this year (more so if Murray gets to nš2 in the world) but their matches lack that extra-something that people love. Their games look too much alike.

I really hope things change and let us hope we can watch more variety in conditions and playing style in the future again.
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