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Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
I tried the PD a bunch of years ago. It felt like crap....probably because I was using the C10 at the time.
My wife and I tried the early PD, with the swirly PJ, probably ~10 years ago by now. It felt horrible. For a short time, I used the swirly Pure Control, but the stiffness beat me down, but it generally felt much better than the PD.

While demoing recently, we tried the 2012 PD, and while it felt much more solid, neither of us thought our joints would take it for any length of time.

She's gone to the Head Graphene Instinct Rev with an RA of 59, which is much more benign, with extra weight in the handle. She was out of the game for multiple years, in part due to non-tennis related joint issues. Now that she can play again, we're avoiding the high RA racquets. I'm currently using her C10 Pros.
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