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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Santana destroyed Laver on cc at the Barcelona Open final in 1970
He won the French a couple of times, too
He is underrated and was the undisputed second best amateur of the decade
I think Gimeno was a more complete player but Santana had a winning mind that Gimeno, as great as he was, never had
How many RG did Nusslein have?
Beating guys like Plaa and similar who were mere journeymen does not speak too well of Nusslein...
kiki, I'm disappointed by your post. Your answers seem rather ignorant. I had thought you are a serious expert as I have written several times in defending you against true ignorants...

You cannot take ONE match as a proof that Santana was that strong. He was great as an amateur but experts knew then that Gimeno was at least as good. They seeded him third at the first open Wimbledon.

Gimeno did beat both Laver and Rosewall twice in the two 1967 big claycourt events. Are you convinced that Santana could have had those four awesome wins against prime Laver and Rosewall?

Gimeno has beaten both Laver and Rosewall at least nine times in the SAME tournaments and one of them (or the other) about 30 times!

Your question regarding Nüsslein is a kind of demagogy. You do know that Nüsslein was banned from regulary competition at 17 because he got a few D-Marks at 15 when he trained an adult.

You underrate Plaa. This guy was able to beat Tilden in the 1932 World Pro Championships. He won that event.

Nüsslein defeated in clay majors Tilden, Cochet, Vines and indirectly Budge (the latter in 1939).

He was arguably No.1 on clay in 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938 and 1939!!!

Please have some consideration about my arguments.

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