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Found a Harry C. Lee "Traveler" at the thrift store the other day-- anyone have any info on the company or the racquet? I couldn't find much online, just an ad for a similar (but not quite identical) racquet from the 1930s. The art-deco font that "Traveler" is written in makes me think this might be from around then as well.

Unfortunately someone decided to write her name in permanent marker on both sides of the throat. It's still a pretty snazzy-looking old racquet though...
I can help you with some background information about the Harry C. Lee Company. (Tennis and Golf) My father worked for them for 50 years and ran the company in later years ( although not an owner). The “Traveler” was one of several of their models which I am guessing was introduced and named by my father in the 1950’s Their top models were the “Dreadnaught Driver “ and the “BAT”.
They had a retail store and factory at 10 Warren St in NYC and occupied several floors in the building. The building was an icon in the area in that it had a 8-10 ft Tennis Racquet that hung above the entrance to the store. The Harry C Lee brand was associated with several top players in the early 1900’s and then again in the mid to late ‘50’.s My dad and HC Lee company supported and sponsored Althea Gibson from her early days playing in NYC parks up through and including her US National and Wimbledon championships. When Ms Gibson turned pro , a she endorsed a Harry C Lee racquet which carried her name. Her auto-biography mentions Harry C Lee company and my dad. I still have many of the HC Lee racquets including several used by Ms Gibson.
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