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Originally Posted by Raul_SJ View Post
How are you quantitatively measuring the before/after result with regard to tennis activity?

I believe you mentioned that the injection treatment was mainly a proactive step and you were experiencing relatively minor symptoms on the court.

Given this, is there some standard you will use to determine if treatment has provided pain relief? e.g., you could play 3x a week prior vs 5x a week post-treatment.
I have two objectives two measure. One is my knee instability, doc evaluated it and it was there vs my good right knee, it was likely caused by a ski accident last March and I weakened my LCL and MCL - I will see if the tenotomy combined with the injection fixes this thru tendon healing and hence tightening.
Secondly I have had some pain/discomfort when I fully extend or fully bend the knee, I believe I have a small medial meniscus tear (i have had three before so I know how they feel). I will evaluate whether this diminishes or goes away to judge effectiveness of treatment.
In addition I know how my knee feels after playing 2 or 3 days in a row - not so good. In fact playing singles because of the instability was not something i have been doing. So as time goes by and I play more I will evaluate that. Yes it is subjective but I have some good yardsticks to judge by IMO.
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