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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
I do respect your post but I think Nysslein, like Vines are a bit overhyped, like those big hollywood stars who are not that great actors but somehow are very charismatic (Bogart, Dean,Cooper,Gable)
There was a big big rivalry in the 60 between pro Gimeno journalists and pro Santana ones
The real stuff is Santana played mainly for the glory and Gimeno for the money
As I posted Gimeno had a more all round game while Santana was more inspired and gutsy
In spite of presss pressure they respected each other and had they teamed up in Davis Cup Spain would have been the only real challenge to Aussie total domination in the 60
Along Laver and Newk both had the best FH of the game
kiki, I agree partly (Hollywood and so on) but Vines and Nüsslein are still underrated not overhyped. I never saw any Nüsslein hype...
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