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Originally Posted by jimbo333 View Post
I don't know if you saw my post about Rio on the previous page?

Hodgson followed the correct procedure and all the players clubs were contacted the days before the squad were announced, and ManU didn't say anything about Rio's "training injury whatever". Rio is clearly not playing, just to get back at Hodgson for not picking him for the Euro's, it is pathetic.

In fact is Rio effectively the first ever English player to refuse to play for his country, after being picked? I know some players retire from international football, but he is not doing that, he is a disgrace. And don't forget these matches are important World Cup qualifiers, not just meaningless friendlies. Rio is playing really well at the moment, unlike at the beginning of the season, and would be important to have in the more difficult of the 2 qualifiers next week.

And this is coming from someone that supported him throughout the whole Terry thing last year!
If it's all just to get back at Roy, then that's totally lame. As I said before though, I'm more concerned that we're still playing all these old timers. I mean Ferdinand was brilliant in his day, world class... but that was like years and years ago.
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