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Originally Posted by jimbo333 View Post
Yes Ross, I share your concern as well. I said after the last World Cup that we should never pick Terry, Ferdinand, Lampard, Gerrard and Rooney again. They, for what ever reason have not preformed at Tournament level, they havn't played as a team, so from now on why not pick some different players.

As you say though, who are England going to pick instead?

(and in hindsight maybe pick Rooney again, but he has been terrible for England in the past, so maybe not. We need players that really want to play for England at the very least, otherwise we ain't gonna win anything in my opinion)
I agree, it was time to bring some new players in. The only two I would of kept around would of been Lampard and Rooney. Terry and Ferdinand are great defenders, even today, but I feel we have a bit of depth there with Jones, Cahill, Smalling, Dawson, Jagielka, Caulker etc..

Midfield, we don't have a whole lot to fall back on. Wilshere is always injured, Cleverley isn't all that good. Gerrard hinted before the Euro's that he was considering International retirement after the tournament, he didn't, but it certainly sets alarm bells ringing knowing it's in his head. Lampard is arguably playing better than he ever has in his new role, I still think he has a part to play.

As for Rooney, whilst he hasn't been brilliant, we still need him Welbeck seems to be on the right track and Sturridge is improving, but those two are never going to be enough. We just have to keep picking Rooney and hope it works out I suppose.
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