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Originally Posted by TopDawg View Post
UCLA and USC swap spots again. Kentucky up to 4. Vandy up to 13. Mississippi State lost twice last week and they go UP 1 spot. Clemson up 10 spots to 15.

New Rankings
i know we have a lot of SEC fans in here, so maybe this won't go over well, but that conference is not as great this year as these rankings try to make us believe

not one single SEC team won a main draw match that wasn't against another SEC team in indoors (0-5 in the main draw, not counting the 2 wins and 2 losses coming from the two SEC vs SEC first rd matchups)

the rankings weigh wins far too heavily relative to losses in my opinion, which sets up perfectly for a deep conference like the SEC where everyone is beating everyone...(yes, they are the deepest conference in tennis, not arguing that) every week we have situations where a team like Ole Miss can lose a couple times and boost a couple other SEC teams (Kentucky up 6 spots, Vanderbilt up 10 spots) while barely suffering by themselves (only down from 4 to 7)

to use a Barney-ism from How I Met Your Mother - the SEC looks nice this year via the "cheerleader effect" - they're deep and make eachother look great in the rankings because everyone is picking up lots of nice victories, but none of them seem all that impressive to me...

seriously, UK is the highest ranked of them all right now and they showed they can lose to the Illini and can suffer back to back 6-1 and 4-0 losses to Baylor and A&M, teams ranked 29 and 14

SEC tennis: pretty great collectively, meh individually
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