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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
I think that you mean the 1950's, when the clay field was the toughest ever, much tougher than today.
Just think:
Segura, Patty, Drobny, Trabert, Rosewall, Hoad, Davidson, Pietrangeli to name only the greatest.
Nadal would have won only one French title at most in the 1950's. If VERY lucky, two.
No sarcasm.
By 30's I meant players born in the 30's...Maybe if Nadal was playing in the 50's he would have only one, I doubt it. However likewise if those players were playing in the 00's Nadal would be unlikely to lose more than tiebreak set.

Nadal is one of the greatest movers the game has ever seen. He has surprisingly good touch when he wants to and alot of power. Not to mention his stamina and mental game. He could be champion in any time period.
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