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Originally Posted by royfrombigd View Post

I had a similar issue a few years back when playing W/ Lux BB ACE. My arm would be tingling and I'd wake up in the middle of the night with my arm cramped up in an almost deformed looking position. I gave up on poly and went back to soft multi and, poof, it went away. Yes, poly is addictive, but a possible quick and cheap solution (realize there could be multiple reasons for your condition) is to dump the poly, ALL Poly regardless of the claims to come in, and go with multi or gut for a while. It's worth a shot before switching equipment or seeking medical advice. Hope that helps.
I'm doing just that, especially after finding that the Prince air Light that I was using also had a full bed of Prince Twist B&W Poly! Putting fresh Gamma syn-gut in the frames that I buy that have string that varies in age and condition, and tension, will make a difference on which one I come to use the most.
I have a Pro-Kennex Slammer 110, that I have not been able to find much info on it's age or what the greyish string that it, and others racquets I've seen, come with is. It's between 8-10 years old, i think and little wear is on it. The seller had no idea what it was.
Anyone know?
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