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One thing about the stiffness is you should relate it to energy return and tension loss. A stiff string with less energy return can be strung looser so may have more spin or last longer etc... I always try to relate strings to something I've already used and liked if I'm looking to try something new. I've found the Weiss Cannon Silverstring to be a good all-round string. Not too stiff, spinny enough and holds its tension better than most polys. However it seems to be sensitive to temperature - it seems to lose tension quicker in hot weather than some other polys I've tried.

Note: you may as well delete the Wilson Enduro Tour strings. They've not made them ages and the stock has degraded. I had 3 sets break within a couple of minutes of hitting with them and another 2 break on the machine and that was about 9 months ago. They shouldn't even be selling them anymore.

Ever wonder why they're so cheap? That's why.

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