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Default Durability is, suddenly, a BIG issue.

I rolled out of my babolat Roddick GT+ sticks a couple of weeks ago. before i had heard of the new Wilson Steam/Spin racquets, i knew i wanted my new one to be 1. lighter, 2, as big or bigger head (100 +), and an open string pattern to enhance spin.

i logged in to Talk Tennis (probably first time in over a year) and voila! the Wilson spin racquets seemed to be tailor made for me. i did some demo hitting (broke string, re-strung) and ordered two. i really like them.

i decided to get a third one since i'm blowing thru string, on average every hour or two. in some cases i've gone longer, but the strings are definitely going fast. i am still experimenting with different poly hybrid setups and even did one as a full poly for the first time in years. i don't mind having to re-string a more often, but what has be a bit aggravated is the number of times (probably four times in the last two weeks) where i've broken the string up at the grommet. usually, i think, "well, shame on me for that dreadful mishit serve or overhead", but these were all on very neutral ground strokes (two of which were backhands).

so, anyhow, i too am now looking into heavier poly gauges. i've always pretty much used 17 g poly strings, and never really was too concerned about durability. i'm just beginning this quest, so i'll report back, and i'm particularly interested if anyone has some insight on the mishit string break issue with the wilson steam spin 105s.
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