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The Canes pull out another nail-biter to take a must win! A few days ago I made predictions for the rest of the season before the ACC season started. With a solid 9-4 start, the Canes have a chance to get to the NCAA tournament this year. But the margin of error is very slim. After dropping a oh-so-close 4-3 decision to #25 Clemson on Friday, the Canes bounced back and took a close 4-3 decision over ACC rival Georgia Tech. The must-take matches continued today against #58 Minnesota. After dropping the doubles, Miami fell behind 3-1 and it looked tight again. But after Gonzalez finished off his opponent, Soto won 6-3 in the 3rd after being up 5-0 and causing some anxious moments. It was all tied up at 3-3 and the No. 4 singles between Aly and Jack Hamburg of Minny would decide the match. It went all the way to a tiebreaker in the third set. Miami has taken their lumps this year with a couple of 3rd set tiebreaker losses to decide the matches but this time Aly came through with a victory to give the Canes another must win.
The Canes are now 11-5 with Georgia State coming up on Friday. It is another must win before the brutal ACC season continues.

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