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Originally Posted by FedExpress17 View Post
Wouldn't mind seeing Isner win the U.S. open at some stage Good old fashioned American attacking tennis badly needs a revival..... They're shooting themselves in the foot with regard to slowing down the American hardcourts year after year...... You've got to ask yourself do the organisers actually want an American to win it..... Theyve got Isner , Querrey , Raonic ( Canadian i know but still close enough ) and Harrison all with terrific serves, yet they slow down their own courts...... #Facepalmworthy
Very good call! I really do not understand the logic in the slow decks they are churning out! Sure we have some great players at the top of the game but the USTA needs to prepare some ultra fast court to be fair up until last year the US Open still played at a fairly quick speed relatively speaking!

I would like to them prepare lightning fast courts where rallies of even 3 shots are virtually impossible for even the best defenders in the world, John in those conditions will be lethal!

The USTA have a great opportunity to prepare such a surface for the Davis Cup quarter finals after the Miami tournament v Serbia.
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