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Originally Posted by Nadalgaenger View Post
I found it interesting how the camera kept showing Larry Ellison ebullient each time Nadal would do something good out there.

And whose hand did Rafa shake first after beating Delpo??? Larry Ellison!!

I suspect that the tycoon may have rigged the tourney so that his man can win and hence augment the prestige of the event.

As much as I hate Nadal....he had the hardest draw even if Federer was a little suspect but Nadal was as well.

Gulbis in the form of his life, Berdych having some decent final runs..with his 3 yearAussie QF Streak. Federer....still gives Rafa tough matches. Del Potro finally getting it together....Rotterdam was proof....and he almost pulled it off.

Forget Mayer and Harrison.....

Not as hard as Murray Miami draw....but I bet Murray draw will implode like it always does.
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