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What no one answered here is the strategy to take this play away since it is an effective play for the opponents.
1) Have your net person play Australian formation or even right at the centerline - depending upon the capabilities of the returner. Station yourself at the centerline while serving and serve down the middle. The serve doesn't have to be a big serve, just reasonably well placed. The returner has several choices.
The standard return will go right to the net player, which is to your advantage. If you net player is in the center, even a backhand which would be a normal down-the-line shot will go right to them. The down-the-line return is covered since you are moving to the left. Also, it is difficult to go down the line to a spot you can't cover they essentially would have to hit a short crosscourt return into a small amount of space. Of course you are ready for the shot you are protecting against, the DTL lob will now be a sitter for you. Move to the left and drive a forehand (or overhead, depending upon the lob) right up the center of the court. You will have plenty of time to set up for the shot. If you desire and you have a good lob, lob it back.
If they lob cross court, first they have to get it over your partner, and then you have plenty of time to wait for the ball to come to you and hit your preferred shot.
The only thing you lose is being able to charge into the net full speed to serve and volley.

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