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Originally Posted by mightyrick View Post
Dude, really nice serve. Seriously. Regarding the kicker -- welcome to "top/slice" hell. This is where a lot of kick serves get stuck.

Due to the angle of the camera, I can't completely tell what your toss or swing forward looks like... but... here's something to make sure of.

First, toss into the court. With your racquet head speed, I'd say you should toss two feet into the court. So continue keep the toss at 12 o'clock over your head... but toss two feet into the court at the same time.

Secondly, you are definitely closing your shoulders towards the net way too soon. The timing of the shoulder closing is more in line with a slice or flat serve. You need to keep the shoulders facing that side fence almost up until a split second before contact. It should almost feel like you are going to serve into the side fence.

Lastly, check your grip. Once I started tossing into the court, I had to change my grip to eastern backhand. That will generate the necessary additional spin you need.

Maintain that racquet head speed whatever you do. Just translate it into more spin instead of pace.

Great stuff.
Thanks for all your tips! Especially the bolded part, it's helping me visualize how to stay sideways a lot better. And ya, I am struggling to hit a real kicker, my serve is more of a hybrid topspin-slice, like you said, at the moment.
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