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Originally Posted by oldschoolrules View Post
Definitely try to keep your shoulders from turning as square to the net prior to contact. Look back at your clip where you're serving from your knees - you actually have more "action" on the ball because you cannot physically get your upper body turned as far toward the net from that position. By doing so you enhance your ability to get an ideal angle of attack on the ball toss for the "kicker."
This seems to be my biggest problem at the moment, I will try to stay more sideways, thanks!

Originally Posted by TomT View Post
Thanks for posting the vids RoddickAce. Very nice serve. My only suggestion is to get a tripod so you can mount the camera higher.
Originally Posted by Overdrive View Post
Can you please turn the camera to the opposite court? I believe that you're serves were in and consistent (and honestly looked beautiful because of the pace) but I can learn more if I saw whether you're serve was line, obviously out, etc.

I guess TomT beat me to it!
Sorry for the bad camera angle, I will try to get a video showing where the ball lands!
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