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Originally Posted by MomentumGT View Post
Nice Z! What made you get rid of it and go with the SS?

Thanks, Jon.

What happened was a few days after I had taken my 370z in for service, the dealer called me and asked me if I wanted to sell the car. I guess, they were impressed with the condition of the car, It's a bona fide garage queen.

and after having driven it for 3 years, I wanted something new. So, I accepted their offer. I decided to replace it with a 2013 Subaru WRX limited. When I placed my order, the dealer told me it would take 16 weeks for the car to get here. (should get here in early May).

While waiting for the WRX to come, I received a $3000 off offer from GM in the mail . I figured that was a good deal and I still could afford to buy it, so what the heck I had always wanted a muscle car. When I got to the Chevy dealer, they gave me another $500 off.

And that's how I got rid of the Z and got the 2SS
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