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As you can see from my signature, I have made the switch to Gpro.
Bought it yesterday, and strung it with hybrid, poly main at 50 lbs, and multi cross at 48 lbs.
In the shop I weighted 3 pro's and bought the lightest one at 308 grams without strings, and grip, the rest wore at 310, 311 grams.
With one over grip, Novak damper, and strings, scale said 331 grams.
I didn't play with it yet, but it feels great in shadow swinging.
In future maybe leather grip would be good path to go, but I have to try it stock do decide if some of modifications would be needed.
Thanks to Anton and Parasailing for help and advices.
(Hopefully you are right about GPro).
Head Prestige Pro microgel
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